Our La Jolla, California, dental office uses digital impressions to create custom oral appliances and plan your treatments. With digital impressions, you no longer need to worry about messy, goopy and possibly gag-inducing impression materials. Instead, you can enjoy a comfortable and quick experience and a more precise treatment.

What are digital impressions?

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions are a cleaner and less invasive method of taking impressions. They use digital scanners (such as the iTero® scanning system) to quickly capture highly detailed pictures of your teeth and supporting structures. These images are used to design a digital, 3D impression, which a dental lab can use in creating highly customized oral appliances and restorations for your use.

Benefits of digital impression technology

Some benefits of using digital impressions include:

  • Digital impressions can create a wide range of restoration and oral appliances, including crowns and Invisalign® orthodontic aligners.
  • No messy “goop” or molds are necessary.
  • The scanner can be removed from your mouth if you are uncomfortable, and we can stop and start the scanning process as needed.
  • A faster process for taking your impression.

Dougherty Dental’s commitment

Dr. Paul E. Dougherty and Dr. Scott O. Szotko are committed to making your experience in our office as comfortable and effective as possible. Digital impressions save time in our office and minimize discomfort during the impression process as well as give you a high-quality treatment overall. We invite you to call us at 858-454-2656 to schedule your appointment and find out more about digital impressions in the greater San Diego area.