For patients who have decided to invest in a beautiful new smile, we encourage you to consider dental crowns in La Jolla, California. These durable, natural-looking restorations are designed to perfectly fit your smile and match the size and color of any existing/remaining teeth.

Dental Crown

In general, a dental crown is most often used as a cover that is placed over a tooth that has been significantly damaged or decayed. We may recommend a dental crown if a dental filling or other more conservative reparation could not sufficiently correct the tooth’s structure and function.

When in doubt, speak to a professional

If you are unsure as to whether a dental crown could benefit your oral health, give us a call! Our friendly team will help you arrange a visit with Dr. Paul E. Dougherty or Dr. Scott O. Szotko, who both specialize in creating bright, functional and healthy smiles. A consultation with one of our Dentists is the best place to start when considering a restorative treatment, as our decades of experience make us uniquely qualified to give you the care you need with the service you deserve.

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